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The International by Tunga banquet hall
The International by Tunga

Banquet Hall in Andheri East

The International Tunga is located in Andheri East very close to landmarks like SEEPZ, the international airport, the domestic airport and the Western Express Highway. The location and the close proximity to these major landmarks with the added bonus of splendid rooms with contemporary amenities make it a perfect candidate for a perfect stay.

With the services being concurrent with the amenities and the added bonus of close proximity to the airport makes it a perfect option for any business professional looking for a Conference room in Mumbai. The location and its approachability from the Western Express highway also make it a perfect location for anybody looking for a Wedding hall in Andheri East. The amazing cuisines on the menu make this a perfect venue for anybody looking for a wedding hall or a reception hall in Andheri East.

The International Tunga has always been the crown jewel of the Tunga flagship. We give a warm welcome to all our guests and concentrate our efforts on providing you a comfortable and memorable experience - whether it is with our rooms, halls or even a casual dine-in at our restaurant.  

Meetings & Event

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Conference Hall in Andheri East

The Tribune #1 is spread over 1800sq.ft. The hall is big enough to fit anywhere between 45 to 150 people depending on the occasion and the seating arrangement chosen by the host. Such a hall can serve as a great place to host a lot of different functions ranging from corporate to familial. This hall is perfect as a conference room or even perfect to organize a marriage reception - all in the heart of Mumbai. Being well lit, the hall comes with a host of amenities like a TV for those functions that need to show a little content in between the proceedings, a microphone to command the attention of a large crowd, video conferencing capabilities for those corporates that want to make virtual meetings with different teams around the world and a photographer to capture all those memorable moments!
With any kind of event, food is a major factor that drives the mood of the attendees and the success of an event.
Food is such a factor that can make or break events and thus we pride ourselves in being able to offer great quality food - CONSISTENTLY. Whether it is a family gathering or a corporate event, the food is something that people from all walks of life will judge differently. Getting it right across the whole spectrum of people is definitely tricky, but we have got it right because we focus not just on the taste, we use quality ingredients to bolster the taste of our food into the mind of anybody that consumes it. We have a team working diligently in the kitchen to uphold our immaculate reputation and it is something that is of great value to us because it is not something that can be bought - only earned.

We offer free taste testing to potential clients and through this process we get a clear idea of what the host expects and wants from our team. This helps us understand the need of the hour and that is the best way to get our customers what they want and that is what we aim to do. With years of being in hospitality, we understand the importance of food and have put great effort into getting it right.

With food being a major factor driving any event, we also know that interior design can greatly add to the mood of any event. We understand what an impact the interiors can have on the minds of our guests. For example with anybody organizing a family get together, we need to make sure the buffet area is far, but not very far from the activity area so that the food is not a distraction from the main event - and also that while getting food, the attendees do not stray too far from the focal point of the event. Our team has great ideas on how interior design and positioning can aid with organizing an event.

On the other hand, with a corporate event, the screen is often used and the seating arrangement must be such that all the guests are seated facing the host and the screen. Apart from this basic seating arrangement, there are many other options available to our guests should they wish to change it. We also customize decorations to the chairs and tables depending on the need of our clients.

This banquet hall serves as a conference room and as a platform for any kind of major seminars, corporate programs, get togethers, award functions, product launches, team meetings, wedding receptions, etc. It also serves a mehendi ceremony hall, sangeet ceremony hall, etc. The main reason this hall can be used for so many different occasions is that we are open to redecorating the interiors to match the needs of our clients and that we have integrated all the basic amenities required to host these functions. This makes it a truly multi-purpose banquet hall.

We at the International Tunga are aware that all the amenities in the world cannot replace manpower and thus we have a dedicated and well trained team behind the scenes to help you solve any problems that can arise during the event. The availability of a photographer makes the whole experience that much more memorable and thus you can concentrate on enjoying the moment while those “candid” moments are being captured carefully by our photographer behind the scenes. The people responsible for all the happenings of the event are all around and any vital changes can be made immediately so as to ensure the smooth running of any event.

The location of The International Tunga and its close proximity to the Western Express Highway, the airports and also the train and metro stations make it a truly accessible place by people from all walks of life and thus it can be used as a perfect venue to organize anything from a marriage reception hall in the heart of Mumbai to a conference hall - all in the same place. We offer vital emergency services like a doctor on call, a taxi on call, amongst others. We aim to create seamless experiences for our customers and look to catering as our passion. This confirms the fact that our services are unmatched in our spectrum of prices and we do take pride in that fact. We make it our mission to fulfill our customer expectations and give a memorable, all-round experience.

Marriage Hall in Andheri East

The International Tunga is located very close to the Western Express Highway, the international airport, the domestic airport, and SEEPZ. This location is very well accessible by all modes of transport and thus can be referred to as a hub for people from all walks of life. Adding on to other hospitality services in which the International Tunga has built a white-collar reputation over the last three decades, we proudly present to you - BLOSSOMS.

One of the few banquet halls in Mumbai that lives up to its hype and reputation. BLOSSOMS is a banquet hall in Andheri East situated inside The International Tunga. It is spread over 1800sq.ft. This banquet hall comes with additional amenities like a TV which can be used to show content to an audience, a microphone to command the audience and control proceedings, video call capabilities that could be used for various applications and last
but definitely not the least, a photographer to capture all those beautiful and memorable "candid" moments.

There is a beautiful stairway leading to Blossoms which can be entered through a yellow door with small windows on it to give a sneak peek of the function going on inside. Upon entering, we see that the hall has been tastefully decorated, the ceiling ripe with lights and plants to add to the fresh feel of the hall. There are beautiful artistic lights that do not shine into your face, rather give off a soothing but bright light that illuminates the surroundings like its Diwali. The floor of the hall is like a blank canvas - open to any kind of customizations that should and will be made to accommodate guests from all walks of life.

A perfect amalgamation of business and social space, Blossoms can serve as a perfect venue as a marriage reception hall in Mumbai. A marriage is a big decision in anybody's life and it is just fitting to make this hall as special as we can for this crucial moment. With marriages, one of the main attractions is the food menu - THE BUFFET. We pride ourselves on being able to serve some of the best quality food in the city at affordable prices. We know that taste is a driving factor and also understand that taste and quality should go hand in hand because the last thing we want is for our guests to complain about problems they faced upon consuming food prepared at our kitchens. We have spent a silver jubilee in the hospitality sector and you can rest assured we know very well that quality trumps all other factors on any day of the week. We have a wide range of cuisines of offer and would like you to know each of them is prepared to keep the authentic taste and feel in mind. Choosing between them is a daunting task. We know that our food is consumed by people from all walks of life and keeping in mind it is difficult to impress the whole spectrum of people, we also serve children friendly food! We have a dedicated team behind the scenes that work tirelessly to make this experience possible. Right from the procurement of ingredients to the vessel in which we present the final product to you, everything has been studied and been treated with equal importance.

Food is an all-round experience, the taste alone cannot be the factor driving the success. We have a team of aptly dressed, well-trained people to help and serve you to the best of their capabilities. We pay special attention to hygiene and abide by the cleanliness norms set by the government. We are aware of the fact that food is a perishable item and products cannot be consumed after their expiry. While serving stale food is a far-fetched thought, we do not even stock any stale food.

Blossoms can also double up and serve as a conference room or conference room in Mumbai. With great internet connectivity and video calling capabilities, there are other amenities that impart an experience equal to that of the International standard of business conferences. This hall is well lit and the focal point has been amplified with lights so as to command the attention of all the attendees in the room. This makes it a great venue for conferences, corporate training programs, corporate meetings, board meetings, corporate themed cocktail parties, black tie events, invite-only events, and other prestigious events. Since food is a common denominator in any of these events, we have great options for the same and thus we can offer a complete full-stack package that will take care of all the needs of our valued customers.

We at International Tunga are focussed on creating multi-sensory experiences and thus have paid great attention to detail. Right from the eyes to smell - all the senses come alive when attending a function at our banquet hall. With tastefully decorated interiors and eye-catching decorative pieces to the sound and the pleasant smell of lavender greeting you, there is a lot to experience with us. Let us be the medium to your multi-sensory experience which will be long remembered.

We leave the colors and decoration to your choice and in this matter, we do as you ask us to. We aim to give you the experience you want with a few useful suggestions from our team in charge of the interior decoration. We also give you a team of people to help you sort out any problems that might or can arise during the proceedings of your event. We aim to give seamless experiences worthy to talk about to our clients because we understand the fact that there is no better marketing than word of mouth marketing by our satisfied customers. We do our best to abide by our history of offering quality services at affordable prices and understand that what we have earned is intangible and thus, we focus all our efforts on upholding the reputation we have built over the past three decades.

Birthday Party Hall in Andheri East

The International Tunga is located in Andheri East. Its proximity to the Western Express Highway makes it very easily accessible by a range of visitors from all over the city. With the range of services offered, it is surely a go to choice. Our banquet hall Tribune #2 is spread over 650 sq. ft. The hall comes with additional amenities like a microphone, photographer, TV and video conferencing capabilities.

The hall can fit around 30 - 50 people depending on the seating arrangement. The size of the hall which sits at a cozy 650 sq. ft., facilitates a feeling of connection amongst all the attendees in the function. Any person hosting a product launch or a company presentation or any event along the same lines can be assured of the attention of all the guests just because of the perfect size of the hall.
The Tribune #2 serves as a great place to host family get together like gender revelation ceremonies just because of the size of the hall. The cozy size inspires oneness which is undoubtedly the best synonym to the word family. The size of the hall makes for a perfect private get together where all the attendees feel involved and paid attention to. This place makes for a perfect banquet hall in a city like Mumbai where such spaces are not only difficult to find, but also to maintain.

Not just for family events, this place is also perfect for corporate events like board meetings and such. The smart lighting in this hall promotes attentiveness. People are easily distracted by a lot of different things and it can get difficult to hold the attention of people. To assist with this, we have used white lights to help the host grab the attention of the guests. The colors of the lights alone is not enough so we have paid attention to the positioning of the lights as well. The lights have been spread out all over the hall with a focal point being towards the frontal part of the hall. This place in the hall commands attention because it is the most well - lit area of the room. When occupying this position, a host can be rest assured that they are in focus and in a commanding position in the room. This integration of smart lights and mind techniques makes it that much more pleasurable to host an event in this hall. This particular quality of the hall makes it a perfect destination for it to be used for corporate trainings and board meetings.

Although the hall is small enough for a person to be heard without a microphone, we have integrated the hall with that facility among others because - well, you never know who might need it! And we understand that. We do not mind going the extra mile to ensure our customers get a seamless experience. The positioning of the screen is perfect for any host showing any kind of content or a video conference. The bright lighting all over the place ensures that the person on the other side of the video conference call can easily view the hall and the people in all their glory. The bright lighting also induces a feeling of richness and eases strain on the eyes of the caller. All in all, the message we are trying to get across is - as a company video calling any client or associate in a foreign country, you will get access to a global standard of banquet hall facilities from our side and will not face any problems with that.

We at the International Tunga are dedicated towards creating an unforgettable experience for all events and customers availing our services. We have dedicated experts to help you with interior design specific to your event and will do our best to fulfill all promises made by our team. We believe in complete transparency for the facilitation of a seamless customer experience - after all it is the experience that is etched in the mind of any entity availing services from us. We understand the importance of first impressions and the expectations that arise from them and we do our best to maintain a consistent quality in all our endeavors. Although this hall is big enough to fit 50 people, we have staff members trained to handle a much bigger crowd and thus we are confident we will serve our customers well. From board meetings and corporate cocktail get together to family events, our hall is well equipped to serve various functions.

The Tribune #2 is a place where one could host family gatherings, private meetings, board meetings, small scale corporate events, interviews, product launches, buffets and much more! We offer a great variety of food and we also offer free taste tests to potential clients so that they get a clear idea of the taste and the quality of food we intend to serve our guests! Your guests are our guests. By helping you organize an event, we know we will create an impact on your and your guests minds - we understand that positive impacts can go a long way and that the best form of marketing is from the mouth of a satisfied customer and we are doing our level best to stay upright on that.

From our customers we expect nothing but feedback. This helps us stay in line and gives us a great idea of what we can make better such that we can better serve the people coming back and also, new customers that want to avail any kind of services from us. We believe this is what sets us apart from our competitors. Service is truly offered when you give something that is not given by others and not easily available to others - which is what the customers are paying for. We are always open to making useful changes and are eager to know what else we can do to make your experience at The International Tunga better in every way possible.

Outdoor Catering Services

Tunga Caterers a member of Hotel Tunga International, our USP is tinged with the flavor of trust and taste. The idea is to fulfil the clients’ wishes whilst leaving a specific taste marked flavor on their minds.

We do events on large scale like weddings, Private Parties, Mehndi, ladies Sangeet Many more Social & Corperate events,which see guests ranging from 100-15000 & above. As we have the necessary equipment in both way, we have enough mechanical and human, at your service.

Seating Arrangements

Board Class Room U Shape Cluster Theatre
Banquet Area Board Class Room U - Shape Cluster Theatre
Tribune I 1800 sq.ft. 45 60 45 70 150
Tribune II 650 sq.ft. 25 25 30 30 50
Blossom 1800 sq.ft. 45 60 45 70 150
*Additional Charges apply for extra services

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